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Injection Simulator Draw Blood


Injection and Draw Blood Simulator is a hospital game, in this hospital doctor game the hospital is overly crowded and many patients waiting for injection treatments after diagnosis of their diseases infections. We have recently viral diseases have spread in town, various viral diseases like Polio, Hepatitis, Chicken Pox and Measles Injections. its always better you get vaccinated before time. There are some cases in which people are attacked by various diseases and need to do different kinds of treatments. For last few days doctors are extremely busy in treating patients. What needed from you a little help in seeing these patients? These patients have very diversities of conditions and ingections, you need to choose proper methods of injections for them. To identify the cause of disease, some of them have to draw blood, so that’s also part of your responsibility. We provide you 8 methods of injection and more that 40 helpful tools. We believe that under your great care, patients will recover soon.Injection methods are:
1. 7 Levels2. CheckUp3. Draw Blood 4. Blood Test & Blood Reports 5. Diseases Diagnosis 6. Polio, Hepatitis, Chicken Pox and Measles Injections7. Drip Treatments
This is girls and boys game in casual games, fashion games & kids games category!